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A Record 115 Craft-Kits Made for Children with Cancer at the Joe DiMaggio!

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Art From the Heart is back at it again for the new year. This January of 2021, AFTH expanded the craft kit initiative to donate over 100 craft kits to the Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital. These individualized bags were provided for each patient at the Joe DiMaggio along with written instructions in English and Spanish and a QR code/link to view student made YouTube tutorials. This month's craft starred pipe cleaners, and members showed the kids how to create jewelry, bookmarks, pencil topper accessories, and more using easy-to-use, mess-free pipe cleaners, among other supplies. You can click here to check out the tutorial. We can't wait for next month's kit activity, and our members are hard at work brainstorming new creative ideas! To learn more about our craft kit initiative, click here!



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